Ministerial School

Throughout all these years in the teaching of the Word, I have had a strong burden to see the church advance in its levels of revelation.
We need the Holy Spirit to unveil our eyes so we can see what we have never seen before.
For this reason I believe that we are in a season to bring instruction and teaching as never before to the Lord's people.
We have designed these ministerial schools, giving you the ability to request them to be brought to your city or country.
For more information contact us and our Communications team will respond as soon as possible.

School of intercession

It consists of 4 levels through which we intend to develop character, training and training within the area of prayer and strategic intercession, given tools to be applied at a personal, family, local church and territorial level.

Office of the Prophet

We provide tools of practical knowledge that make a difference within the prophetic field to distinguish between the different levels of the prophet's office.

Magisterial School

 They are developed through the study of cultural etymological roots, of the times when certain truths of the scriptures were announced. Some of the classes are: the Fruit of the Spirit from the Hebrew perspective, the Dabar of God, prophetic Communities, the Prophetic Anointing, the Ministry of the Prophet, the typology of the Tree and the Generations.

Prophetic anointing

It is something that the whole body of Christ should have, since if we have Our Savior we must have his Spirit. His Spirit is the Spirit of Prophecy, which makes us a prophetic church; Through this school we teach what are the dimensions of the prophetic anointing.

Prince of Greece

 Through the study of the timelines in history and in comparison with the scriptures, we developed the teaching on the influence that Greece and its entire spiritual system have had within the current world, and of course within the church. Contributing in this way tools of knowledge and revelation, so that each one can decide what he will do with his belief system granted by tradition. We also give a resource of knowledge about the prophetic stations of God, so that in this way we can enter them and obtain the keys that are given to us in each season or season.

School of Finance

We provide tools to develop the scope and decision of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship to those who are called within this area.

Babylon and Apostolic Foundations

 Babylon is a spiritual system that continuously attacks God's designs, to try to hinder them and create an anti-design; for this he uses the power of tradition and religiosity. It is the time where we must cleanse ourselves of Babylon and leave it, as the scripture says. God is seeking a Generation of Apostles and Prophets that will be raised to rejoice over the ruins of Babylon.

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